Success stories with AB POS system

What they say...

What are our clients are saying about us?


AB POS offers us all the facilities and solutions for the business. I have an excellent overall experience with you."

Casa Dora

"The system is easy, useful to modify orders and we can manage more than one location. Over all we have a good experience with AB POS

Taj Mahal Grill & Bar

AB POS is very user friendly, efficient and their customer support is very reliable. I have recommended this software to my friends that own a business.”

El Dorado Bread

“We made a great decision when we decided to do an upgrade in our restaurant and decided to work with them. Their system is well designed because it is fast and easy to use.”

Yafa Grill

“Finally it was a POS that thought through this system and put everything we could have wanted into one POS, and that's why we switched to AB POS

Villa Cemita

“We decided to move from the ‘dinosaur’ to a POS system. AB POS was the most innovative and aggressively growing platform we came upon — and we haven’t looked back.”


"Blows our old POS system out of the water. Dynamic product, always improving the software. It has made our customer service quicker and more accurate; and it’s easy to train staff."

Pho Shi

AB POS is a great POS system that has helped us a lot over the years. We do not have to shout ticket items to each other anymore, or pass order tickets to each other on a busy night."

Habanero Grill

"It shows me reports that are just incredible as a restaurant operator. I can see reports by the hour, by the item….I know that when that ticket is on my display unit or printer, I have everything I need at the touch of a fingertip."

Amy Bar and Grill

“The system is very practical to use. My Employees learn how to use it very quickly. This software is a lifesaver because it helps me automatically have Happy Hour at my restaurant due to the facility of having it set up. AB POS has changed my life. My restaurant it’s more organized due to the fact that I have a full management of my employees, reports, menus etc all in one thanks to my C Portal online. Iwill definitely recommend to other business owners.”

La Colonia

AB POS has allowed us to harness our data flow and analyze the data to make our company more profitable. Without having the system be as open as it is, we would never be able to have access to the data at the level we have.

Enterprise has given us the ability to analyze the data at our corporate level for all the stores and see where we can make improvements.”

Kachis Chicken

"Easy to setup and operate. It’s out of the box and running in no time. The reports are great and very helpful when making menu changes and pricing decisions. The cloud portal means I can look at the information from anywhere."

Lima District

"I am satisfied with the service that support has given me at the moment I have any problem at any time, they have a very good customer service 10/10."

El Patron Restaurant

"The service is very good, the technicians are very friendly and always quickly solve all the problems we have."


"Fast and efficient service with good attention provided for by the company."

The Micheladas House

"My experience has been very good and the service has been excellent, a fast process and those who attended me were very kind, I am definitely satisfied with everything."

Papas Cuban Place Corp

"All my experience to get my product was great, the process was easy to follow and the information that was given to me by the sales team was clear and complete.”

Taqueria El Patron

"We are very satisfied and happy with all the services we have received, from training to using the system. I am satisfied with it and my employees too, which is the most important of all."