Agents and
Resellers Program

Revolutionizing the payment industry. Join our team of professionals who are committed to providing the best technology and experience to our customers.

Find your
best-fit partnership

ISO / Agent Office

Maximize the potential of vour merchant portfolio with robust products and tools with dedicated relationship management support.

Software Providers

Our partner's program is oriented and managed with complete transparency to ensure our allie's success. Software providers, whether you need a "plug and play" connector to a leading ERP, CRM. custom e-commerce or EMV solution. or a multi-faceted digital platform with complex processing and payout require-ments, we've got it covered.

An All-In-One Platform

So they don't need to work with dozens of vendors to provide an excellent guest experience.

A Cloud-Based System

So they can manage the business and access reports from anywhere in real time.

Designed For Business

So they're getting cutting-edge technology that's built for their unique businesses.

Hosted On Android Tablets

So they can fully customize their POS system and have the option to process orders at the table.