Our amazing programs, like ABPAY PARTNERS will provide our sales partners with nothing less than the most compelling sales tool in the history of the industry, one of the many benefits we have is that your merchants receive a high value touch-screen point of sale system


Also offering your merchants a full-featured POS system, you can avoid the tired “rates and fees” sales pitch and provide something of real value to businesses. POS systems run your merchant’s entire business, becoming an indispensable part of their operations and delivering the best retention tool imaginable. 


Some of the benefits of becoming a partner with us are:

  • Free Equipment
  • $5000 Signing Bonus: Submit 30 approved within your first 120 days.
  • POS System Bonus
  • Prompt Payment of All Residuals 
  • Merchant Services Guarantee
  • Merchant Tracking System: this program is also committed to keeping our Agents informed that every time a merchant calls or requires a service from AB PAY.
  • Agent Portal “Backoffice”: A resource for real-time merchant status, residual reports, lease approval information, download instructions and many more tools.
  • Full Sales Support: You’ll have access to your own mirrored website, plus a full range of professionally produced marketing materials, lead generation support and professional training.


Contact us and ask what we can offer you and our AB PAY programs

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