Tips for Preventing Credit Card Fraud by ABPay

ABPay cares about the security of your business, that’s why we make sure we keep you informed of how to recognize fraudulent behavior when taking orders online, by mail, telephone, fax (MOTO), or any electronic transaction where neither the customer nor the credit card is physically present. It’s crucial for the success of a business.

Unfortunately, some unscrupulous people take advantage of CNP situations to obtain products and services through deceptive practices using lost or stolen credit cards or account numbers generated by fraudsters. They order goods and have them shipped to an address to be picked up by themselves or a “runner” with whom they are collaborating.


To help avoid being on the receiving end of a fraudulent CNP transaction, watch out for orders that:

  • Are larger than normal for your business, especially when you’re not familiar with the customer.
  • Include several of the same item or very expensive items.
  • Include requests for “rush” or “overnight” shipment.
  • Ship to an international address that cannot be verified by an Address Verification Service (AVS). Consider this very risky unless the order is from an established customer you know well.
  • Ship to the same address and were purchased on different cards.
  • Are placed using email generated on a free email service (i.e. Yahoo, Gmail).
  • Charge transactions to account for sequential numbers.
  • Provide multiple card numbers from a single IP address.
  • Charge multiple transactions to one card over a very short period.


Taking care of your business is a must for ABPay, that’s why we give you some tips to follow for every MOTO or e-commerce sales draft:

  • Cardholder’s credit card number, credit card validation code, and expiration date.
  • The name that appears on the front of the credit card.
  • Cardholder’s billing address and phone number.
  • Description of merchandise and/or services rendered.


We believe that a well-informed client is our best customer. We’re also very serious about our responsibility to our merchants, their customers and about taking the necessary security steps against the threat of data breach, credit card fraud, and identity theft.

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