Succeed since the beginning with one low monthly fee

Accept credit cards for a hassle-free fee

Finding a good and secure processing solution for your business can be difficult if you’re a newcomer or for whoever that’s struggling with the aftermath of the recent months from 2020. On AB Pay we are deeply connected with our people, and we are aware that business owners have been forced to take too many hard choices this year.

Processing fees and rates can be tricky with the wrong provider. On AB Pay we have an innovative bundled pricing package that simplifies merchant billing by combining of individual monthly charges into one single low monthly fee. TransFreedom makes statement reconciliation easy by eliminating the need to figure out interchange rates and interpret qualifying rules.

Depending on the monthly processing volume of your business, you can save up to 33% over the typical processing and reconciliation fees offered by other payment processors. Plus, you’ll save time on statement reconciliation and that extra time to grow your business can mean a big boost which in current times can significantly be worth it.

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