Retail and Contactless Payment.



The COVID-19 pandemic has recently accelerated the adoption of “contactless” technologies. Before the pandemic, mobile wallet features were in demand, even if consumers had yet adopted them.  A study by The University of Illinois last year found that, on average, after adopting mobile wallets, consumers’ average order sizes increased by 2.4 percent and their transaction frequency jumped by more than 23 percent.

The pandemic created the need for some businesses to shift to digital solutions, this is because digital, touchless offerings provide a new level of convenience to your customers and A&B Pay has them for you. 

The roadmap to touchless is not a one size fits approach and the companies that will be most successful in implementing strategies that will stick are those who plan around their customers’ expectations and think through how best to serve those customers through technology. Today’s consumers want three things: effortless experiences, contactless payment options, and personalized content and offers.


As AB Pay we want you to have the best and safest system in your business, which guarantees you and your clients the security of their transactions with devices such as: 

  • A920
  • C4
  • E500
  • A10


Mobile transactions are replacing cash, checks, and credit cards. That reality — compounded by this pandemic’s impact on how people feel about exchanging paper currency or touching screens to complete transactions — signals a tipping point for mobile wallets.

With the help of these terminals that AB PAY offers you, you will be able to see the change in your business and have cutting-edge technology that will guarantee the security of your transactions and your clients, also you will keep updated in terms of new contactless payment methods, increasing productivity, opportunities of sales and profits.

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