Plan out 5 Deals to Optimize your Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales

Black Friday is the beginning of the five most profitable weeks of the year for businesses, not only for retails but also for the restaurant industry; after all, shoppers get hungry. With this in mind, restaurants are getting ready with special menus and promotions to optimize sales across the country during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This article will provide valuable tips to make this a more favorable and profitable time for your restaurant.

  1. Partner with a Local Retailer: Partnering with a local retailer will allow for a mutually beneficial partnership to increase sales. Offer special discounts when customers visit both locations and show copies of their receipt. 
  2.  Menu Specials: Another great idea to attract customers to your restaurants is offering black Friday menu specials, such as a Black Friday brunch fixed menu, black Friday quick bites for hungry shoppers, and seasonal drinks to set the holiday spirit. It is essential to consider if the dishes to offer can be early prepared, quickly and harmonized with the holiday, this to be successful during such rushed and busy service. 
  3.  Gift Card Promotions: Offering special deals on gift cards will motivate your customer to buy. When they purchase a $25 value, they get a $5 bonus as an example. An excellent way to support this promotion is by encouraging employees to upsell gift cards and use promotional inserts on check presenters. 
  4.  Increase Loyalty Programs Rewards: Another way to increase sales is by offering small gifts like a free dessert or appetizer to new customers who sign up for the loyalty program. In the same manner, you can double the number of reward points earned when they come in to dine on Black Friday for existing loyalty members.
  5.  Extend Promotions Until Cyber Monday: In addition, extend all promotions until Cyber Monday to reach more clientele. Whether customers are shopping in stores or digitally, continue to attract them to your restaurant with rewards and special offers for dine-in, takeout, or delivery.
Employee Scheduling Plan. 

Last of all and one of the most essentials is to elaborate and organize a fair schedule to benefit your business and your employees. Black Friday weekend comes with a high volume of customers, which means you need more employees to satisfy your customer needs and expectations.

On the other hand, do not forget that your employees also have families to enjoy during these gracious holidays. For this reason, rotate employees throughout the weekend, whoever works Thanksgiving service should have black Friday off to enjoy with their loved ones. 

Finally, if you are unsure how to bring all of the previous ideas to life, please reach out to our specialist. They will assist you with reward programs, gift cards, scheduling, menu creation, and low-fee processing transactions to help you increase profits. AB PAY goal is to support the passion of restaurateurs through cutting-edge technology that helps our customers succeed. Operate with honesty and transparency. Provide personal attention and prompt service. 

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