Avoid Credit Card Fraud with the help of ABPay


When you conduct business in person, you deal primarily in card-present transactions. This type of transaction occurs when both the cardholder and the card are physically present.


Face-to-face transactions make it easier to identify behavior associated with credit card fraud. Certain characteristics which, when observed separately, appear to be harmless. 


However, when several of them are present simultaneously, they may indicate that the transaction is not legitimate.


Be wary of customers who:

  • Purchase several of the same types of merchandise or very expensive merchandise, especially if they do not ask any questions about the items.
  • Purchase a vast array of merchandise, seemingly without regard to size, color, or price.
  • Make a purchase and then leave the store, only to return later to make additional purchases.
  • Try to distract or rush you during the transaction, especially if they’re working in pairs or as a group.
  • Who makes purchases right as the store is opening or closing for the day.


In addition to being alert to suspicious behavior, we recommend you adopt some rules for face-to-face transactions:


  1. Never accept an expired credit card.
  2. Never accept a card that appears to have been altered.
  3. Make sure that the card is signed. If it is not, have the customer sign the card in your presence and then check the signature against a picture ID.
  4. Inspect the card and keep it throughout the transaction. The embossing on the card should be clear and straight. The hologram should be smooth with the card and three-dimensional. Make sure there has been no tampering with the signature panel.
  5. Verify that the account number on the terminal matches the account number on the card—be it swiped, dipped, or mobile pay. Compare the name printed on the electronic sales receipt to the name that appears on the card. Compare the signature on the sales draft with the signature on the back of the card too. If they do not match, discontinue the sale.


As ABPAY we’re proactive about taking the necessary security steps against the threat of data breach, credit card fraud, and identity theft.

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